Exploration of caves takes us into a world much different from that above ground, a world of darkness surrounded by rock and mud. Exotic formations, streams and waterfalls, tight crawlways, deep canyons and pits, huge rooms with large blocks of breakdown, crickets, bats and cave rats await the cave explorer.

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Caving can be a strenuous sport, a casual hobby, a means to conducting scientific research, or all of these and more. Caves are found around the world and in a variety of settings, from cold alpine environments to warm tropical rain forests, and are formed through a variety of natural processes.

EMAC presents the caves of Khanpur in Pakistan. Exploring the caves and going deep down into them is an experience that can only be felt. EMAC adventure trips are designed to provide a life time learning experience. Caving can be opted to be done at night or in day time.

EMAC is equipped with all the adventure gears required for any sort activity. Proper equipment is always a top priority. A head mounted light, additional light sources, appropriate clothing, food and water, and some basic survival supplies go a long way toward making the trip more enjoyable and safer.

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