Paragliding is a gift of wings,

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…a life-long dream come true, a taste of the freedom of your spirit, an essence of pure flight, and a countless beautiful different things to different people. The fun factor is eminent. It’s a spectacular sport that has a lot of thrills, knowledge and rewarding achievements.

EMAC Para-Team is the only group of professional Para-Sports Instructors in Pakistan who pioneered and made Paragliding possible even in Karachi, back in 2011. (view gallery) With our vast experience in training and flying throughout Pakistan as well as abroad, we offer this exhilarating extreme-sport experience to people with our strict internationally recognized safety standards to ensure your safety, value for money and standard of experience, and that we keep enjoying our 100% incident-free record till date.

Paragliding in Islamabad & Karachi regions are firmly lead by our professional instructor team since 2008. We regularly conduct training sessions in both locations throughout the year. EMAC has commissioned 2 purpose-built sites near Khanpur Lake, (Mung and Darwaaza), Haripur/Taxila district. approximately 60 minutes drive from Islamabad city. As well as 3 purpose-built training sites near Mubarak Village, Karachi. We do not offer tandem flights (attached to the instructor) as we believe the value for your money and experience is in learning to fly yourself. Our instructors have specially designed the One-day Beginner Paragliding Course (aka. Discover Paragliding) which includes the basic training with 2 x solo flights (meaning, you fly on your own…the same day). On completion of this Beginner Course, all progressive flights (practice flights) would cost you only Rs 1,500/-

EMAC Paragliding courses in Pakistan

Our Elementary Pilot Course, a 5 Day program will get you flying on your own from self (reverse & frontal) takeoffs, flight-path planned, emergency handling, turns and precision landing as well as equipment handling and maintenance. A total of 26 logged and supervised flights leading to your EP Certification. The successful completion of EP Course (PG-II) will also qualify you for Para-motoring (aka. Power Gliding) EMAC’s Team is also actively involved with various departments of the armed forces to provide this training certification to their personnel, in order to help them earn their valuable insignia (wing).   more information on Paragliding in Islamabad more information on Paragliding in Karachi

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