In a busy stressful life, we all need outlets to unwind. What better way to beat your stress than by facing your fear as you reluctantly lean back over the edge and maneuver your way down a rope, either from a building rooftop or cliff face!

EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_149 (Copy)EMAC RappellingEMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_167 (Copy)SIS Adventure Trip at Khanpur Lake with EMAC 1740






This great taster lets you learn the basics of an immensely popular sport with expert guidance and all safety equipment included. Once you feel confident enough, there are a range of rappel testers that you can up the adrenaline with, including Rap Jumping and completing your descent blindfolded!

Rap Jumping will definitely get the adrenaline pumping, for those that don’t know it is basically abseiling down a rock face FORWARDS! This is a great half day course where you will receive instruction from professionals and will have plenty of time to build your confidence on the edge! You will start off abseiling conventionally down the cliff or building face and as your confidence builds so will your speed before at the end of the session you are ready to try Rap Jumping. A great day, highly recommended.

This introduction is highly recommended and will teach you the basics of a sport that you set the limits on. This is one of the most popular activities that can be brought to virtually any place like campuses and office buildings

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