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EMAC Corporate Team building in Pakistan


Your geometry teacher was wrong.
The shortest distance between two points is a damn shame.


EMAC ALP (Action Learning Programs) are blissfully amazing corporate team building experiences designed to get you the desired results that your team deserves,.. turn heads, workplaces and conventions. The intense kind of passion we call “The Code of Adventure Learning”

Following this code requires agility, balance and an aversion to the status quo. And EMAC ALP brings plenty of all of it.

Participants who dare to follow the code are destined to find pure sports exhilaration and success in their everyday lives. And a whole new perspective on geometry.


are best in what they do

There has always been an urge to do smthing thrilling n adventurous this is exactly wat EMAC is providing to the people of pakistan ... They have come up wth all th activites that are worth ur time ... It was fun doing these activities through EMAC ... There management is well organized n above all there equipmemt is in very good conditions ... They are best in wat they do

Mohammad Sheikh


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