The Finance Society of Institute of Business Management – IoBM, organized an exciting
x3 Days Rappelling experience for students as part of their event “Possibilities 2.0” from 3rd till 5th March 2014. This was extended to 4 days due to the shear response from the students.

EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_205 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_028 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_040 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_103 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_128 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_149 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_167 (Copy) EMAC Rappelling at IoBM Karachi_175 (Copy)

Muhammad Rashid (Head of Operations EMAC) along with his team encouraged the participants safely and immaculately through the knees-shaking experience. His Rap-Jump demonstration with the National Flag was highly enjoyed and cheered by the witnessing students and senior faculty.

Over 250 students experienced this thrilling adventure activity for the first time in their lives. Hundreds of students cheered each participant during their daring descent from 60 feet. Every aspect of organization was managed very professionally by the society members including;
Arsalan Qureshi (President)
Mashkoor Hussain Zaidi (Sr. Vice President)
Asad Raza Charania (Gen. Secretary)
Sabahat Ali Jafferi
…and many others who contributed to the success of this event.

Media coverage with interviews were provided by ARY, Metro One News and others


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