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With Action Learning, organizations solve critical and complex problems while simultaneously building strong leaders—in real time.

This form of learning by doing is the primary method leading companies worldwide are using to develop leaders, build teams, and improve corporate capabilities.

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Achieve dramatic, measurable performance improvements for your organization on one of our corporate action learning programs.

We offer full-service training and development programs that use the power of EXPERIENCE.

These custom-designed programs can be applied to a wide variety of needs and topics including team building, team bonding, reward programs, team performance development, leadership and management skills and workplace relationship development. 

Hello My Name Is Return on Investment

The Amazing Race
Treasure Hunt
Expedition Im-possible
Team Survival

The Action Learning process starts with a group of high-potential individuals with diverse functional backgrounds and experiences. This cross-functional team is assigned to work on an important and urgent business problem, unlike anything most of them have ever dealt with previously. With the multitude of different perspectives brought to the group, they are able to move beyond their own areas of expertise, combining their broad base of knowledge to come up with ideas and solutions they never would have arrived at individually.

The games we deliver make your team stronger, more fit, and better equipped to tackle large problems with increased brainpower, creativity, and increased morale. Our games bring people together, dissolve communication barriers and silos, and illuminate undiscovered value and talent in every team member. 

Additionally, an Action Learning coach is there to highlight and facilitate lessons learned throughout the process amid the urgency of getting the problem solved. In this setting, people become more willing to learn from one another, more flexible, and better able to shoulder difficult tasks. And the learning gained by the group transcends the problem resolution.

The skills and abilities developed through this process can be applied throughout the organization, again and again, regardless of the specific challenge at hand.


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