Category: Adventure Tours

  • G.C GrandPrix for Reckitt Benckiser

    G.C GrandPrix for Reckitt Benckiser

    A thrilling away-day arrangement for Reckitt Benckiser in Islamabad.  A complete one-window solution for these regular participants with a Go-Carting […]

  • EMAC Student Adventure Trips

    EMAC Student Adventure Trips

    Scarsdale International School recently joined us at our Khanpur Lake facility for a 4 days adventure teambuilding experience with EMAC.

  • EMAC Adventure Teambuilding

    EMAC Adventure Teambuilding

    Your geometry teacher was wrong. The shortest distance between two points is a damn shame. Join EMAC ALP and find out what your team is made of.

  • EMAC 3D Adventure

    EMAC 3D Adventure

    Our most popular 3D adventure trip is back with even more exciting, adrenalin-packed activities. Amazing adventures in Islamabad with E.M.A.C

  • EMAC Jet Skiing

    EMAC Jet Skiing

    Get yourself on board a jet ski and blast yourself across the magnificent turquoise blue Khanpur Lake near Islamabad, feel the ski […]

  • EMAC Weekend Adventures

    EMAC Weekend Adventures

    A wonderful, exciting and educational adventure excursion opportunity for everyone.

  • EMAC One Day Adventures

    EMAC One Day Adventures

    One day combos, ideal for adventure sports enthusiast, an office team building or a friends & family get-together.

  • EMAC Scuba Diving Adventures

    EMAC Scuba Diving Adventures

    Scuba Diving can be your ticket to a new world – the feeling of weightlessness, the colors and the shapes make […]

  • EMAC Camping Adventures

    EMAC Camping Adventures

    You will find that when it comes to camping, you don’t just want to sleep in a tent.

  • EMAC Paragliding Adventure

    EMAC Paragliding Adventure

    a life-long dream come true, a taste of the freedom of your spirit, an essence of pure flight, and a countless other beautiful things to different people.

  • EMAC Caving Adventures

    EMAC Caving Adventures

    Exploring the caves of Khanpur in Pakistan is a bonding and educational experience that will take you on a journey […]