Escape to the Wild with EMAC’s Stunning Venues: From the serene hills of Islamabad to the breathtaking views of Mallam Jabba and Khanpur Lake, EMAC offers a range of adventurous venues waiting to be explored. Each location has been handpicked for its raw beauty and equipped with all the essentials for a truly wild experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and create unforgettable memories.

Furnished bedrooms with attached baths
Conference/Dining facilities
Large lawns and safe activity areas
Fully equipped campsites with toilets and electricity
Standby generators and armed security guards. 

 EMAC Team building for OZI Technologies (May 2014) (5)



  1. EMAC Adventure Camp Resort (Khanpur Lake) Islamabad
  2. EMAC LakeSide Resort (Khanpur Lake) near Islamabad
  3. EMAC Dream Valley Resort (Mallum Jabba Road)
  4. EMAC The Adventure Resort (Old Khanpur) Khanpur Dam
  5. EMAC Beach Hut (Mubarak Village), near Karachi


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