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Awesome trip at Khanpur

Awesome trip at Khanpur, you guys rock, Arbisoft team rock...
So much professional attitude, skilled persons, amazing experience with EMAC.

Jahanzaib Suleman

Amazing dedicated professional and wonderful people

Amazing, dedicated, professional and wonderful people. Brilliant services. 🙂 simply owesome 🙂 
Attiya Ishaque

You guys are supportive, courteous and encouraging

Loved every bit of two days trip at Khanpur under your truly amazing management. You guys are supportive, courteous and encouraging.
Thank you for everything u did for us. We had an amazing time and fun doing all the activities. Kudos!

Wajeeha Khalid

Thank you for arranging a phenomenal trip for Arbisoft

Emac Team,

Thank you for arranging a phenomenal trip for Arbisoft. We got the break we were looking for, enjoyed every bit of it. *Thumbs up*

Ayesha Tariq

Hi Emac team.
U guys are awesome, all are supportive, courteous and encouraging.
Thank you for everything u did for us. Big Thumbs up for all team
Thanks for this amazing two days trip at khanpur..

I wish all the very best for your whole team ...

Ayesha Younas

A big THANK YOU to your team. You guys did an excellent job


Your team is awesome!! Right from the time we set foot in Khanpur, there wasn't a moment of boredom. Well planned activities, effortlessly handled. The team was brilliant, supporting, and full of positive energy. We looked up to you guys for the buck up energy.

A big THANK YOU to your team. You guys did an excellent job!

Alina Naqvi

EMAC seriously you ppl ROCK

EMAC seriously you ppl ROCK!!!! Thank you for a tremendous experience. Every part of the tour was fantastic - your courtesy, highly skilled and trustworthy team and professionalism from the very start till the end was incredible. I HIGHLY recommend their caving adventure, it was amazing and so much fun! The cave was nothing like we'd imagined and so worth it! TOO GOOD!!!! I am definitely doing it again whenever I get chance.
If you are browsing for a terrific, trustworthy company in Pakistan, look no further. I loved every bit of my experience with EMAC. (Thumbs up)

Sayyada Zaidi

EMAC = Encouraging Marvellous Awesome Courteous

EMAC = Encouraging . Marvellous . Awesome . Courteous
Rashid bhai and his team are truly amazing. Really helpful and guiding in whatever activity they are training.
Thanks alot for the fun filled wonderful experience of Khanpur Dam. You guys rock.

Khalid Bin Tahir

...good attitude, dedicated and fully professional.

EMAC great guys good Attitude, Dedicated and fully professional. Its one of the Wonderful experience I have done. Simply oweSome. 😉

Adnan Zahid

...very professional, supportive and cooperative.

It has been pleasure for all of us to have you as a team. Excellent team you are. Really had a great time with Emac. Highly recommended as a tour organizers. All are very professional, supportive and cooperative.
Thank you EMAC for such a nice company.

Aqdas Rehman

Very supportive and encouraging team

You guys are awesome. Very supportive and encouraging team 🙂 Love every moment of trip. Starting from Raft building, then rapelling, archery, target shooting, bonfire, caving and end at cliff diving.. everything was so organized. Enjoyed a lot while doing all these activities. The best part of tour is Caving. It was a big big surprise for all of us 🙂 Thank you team 🙂 Thumbs up !

Rabia Iftikhar

Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up! you guys were a pleasure to know..your guidance and patience was stupendous!!can't forget that paragliding experience and bonfire,BBQ was chocolate covered strawberry!!

Hifza Awais

You must experience these activities.. Hats off to Instructors

I would like to take the opportunity to thank for introducing these activities in Pakistan. I really recommend everyone to visit and have fun.

Very entertaining and enjoyable

One must experience these activities....very entertaining and enjoyable..and the instructors way of instructing and guiding is very comfortable and helpful...


Faizan Liaqat

You people are valours

Well it was tremendously awesome experience of paragliding.
Instructors are very good and cooperative.
Thank you for making my day 🙂

Noor ul ain Haider
Clinical Psychologist

You people are valours

Well it was tremendously awesome experience of paragliding.
Instructors are very good and cooperative.
Thank you for making my day 🙂

Noor ul ain Haider
Clinical Psychologist

Great fun

Perfect paragliding And instructors. Great fun Thanks E.M.A.C :)))

Aysha Saleem

Amazing people

Amazing ppl. Professionals.
Loved it 🙂

Malik Umair

excellent adventure club

An excellent adventure club, with qualified and friendly instructors.
All the equipment used is maintained properly, so if you want to go on a safe fun filled adventure E.M.A.C is the place

Hyder Abbas

My experience with EMAC

My experience with EMAC exceeded my expectations tremendously. They're instructors are very experienced, professional and just over all very decent and hospitable people. If anyone is curious about exploring Pakistan's rural beauty, I would recommend they start with EMAC. 5 stars.

Tabish Habib

guides were amazing

I have never been rappelling or cliff diving in my life, and this was really a bewildering participation even though I have a fear of heights.The guides were amazing, friendly, humorous and extremely professional. They make you feel safe but still maintain to have that edgy feeling.I couldn't have asked for a better set of guides. EMAC is a great mix of adrenaline pumping exertions. Recommend to anyone who likes a thrill.

Junaid tariq

A life changing experience.

My experience with EMAC has helped me overcome my fear of height and water. The confidence you guys give us is what impressed me the most. Now i know for sure that i can do everything, all thanks to you guys.
Thank you for giving me two best days of my life. Totally worth it (y)
Hoping to spend some real good time with you real soon 🙂

Usmarah Hussain


EMAC is superb..
It's my 2nd tour with you, your service is great. You people responds very quickly and go above and beyond to help.

Wajeeh Berlas
NED University

Baakamal LoG

Baakamal LoG, Lajawab Service, this fits on E.M.A.C , wonderful experience, really enjoyed alot ... 

Malik Salman Javed
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

Thumbs up

Thumbs up to EMAC Thank you Rashid Bhai...

Imran Hameed
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

under the guidance of EMAC

I think the people who love doing adventures and dares must visit this place under the guidance of EMAC

Yawar Hussain
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

Thank you EMAC

Thank you EMAC for making this trip so memorable. Hats off to Rashid Bhai and the entire EMAC team. Keep it up  Cant wait to come again soon.

Mishal Sohail
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

Simply amazing!

Wat a Trip! Simply amazing!

Hisan Ahmed Awan
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

well done guys

special thanks to EMAC and Muhammad Rashid..well done guys 

Hisan Ahmed Awan
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

memorable trip

It was a adventurous and memorable trip of my whole life, I really enjoyed and that was only due to EMAC. Owsmmmm job done by EMAC, thanks Muhammad Rashid, Saeed Alam and Rajooo sb

Tariq Javed
Abacus Consulting Pakistan

a great experience with EMAC

had a great experience with EMAC last Friday, my first cliff diving experience, and i honestly could not get enough of it. Muhammad Rashid ur a great instructor and motivator with an even better crew, thank you for the wonderful experience, i am definitely coming back for more 

M. Asad Bin Faruq
Wateen Telecom

Fun Fun Fun

After northern areas of Pakistan I have found something very awesome in the form of my emac tour. I really enjoyed this tour <3

Wajeeh Berlas
NED University

Best company I have ever seen in Pakistan

 Best company I have ever seen in Pakistan

Raffat A

awsum experience

 awsum experience..had lots of fun... best instructor Muhammad Rashid 
Shoaib Hafeez

team with some of the best instructors

Best leisure time ever spent. Thank u so much E.M.A.C for arranging such a tour.
I must say u have such a cooperative and helpful team with some of the best instructors.
See u in July for scuba diving 😀

Osama Adil

Thank you EMAC

thank you emac for providing us this adrenaline rushed weekend! the courteous staff and hard working instructor have made our trip memorable. aur rasheed bhai ap cha gaye

Azaam Akram

Awesome experience

Had an amazing time with you guys ! Awesome experience

Taha Maqbool

Had blast with EMAC

Had blast with EMAC!
Thank you so much for making our trip memorable!!:)

Maham A

The best thing i have ever tried

The best thing i have ever tried 
#Rappelling by E.M.A.C Presented by Finance Society of IoBM

Muhammad Mohsin Siddiqui
Student at IoBM Karachi

The best experience of my life

The best feeling one could ever have! The best experience of my life!
Rappelling by E.M.A.C presesnted by Finance Society of IoBM

Najia Z
Student at IoBM Karachi

Amazing experience with lot of fun

Amazing experience with lot of fun. We will miss these moments forever and would definitely visit again and again.
Keep it up Rashid.

Aftab Ahmed

Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience, well managed and very courteous people. We had a good time and look forward to it. Cheers

Mansoor Ali

Motivating n Encouraging

I vs badly confuse 2 join which adventure company which truly brings relief 2 an adventurous soul n I just came across EMAC
I must say Sir Rashid z da 1 who keeps his words. He has made my 24 hours wid E.M.A.C one ov my lyf's best moments. Tremendous effort by Sir Rashid n his team (Adeel, Raju ++). Xtrmly Supporting, Motivating n Encouraging ppl.
Well done guys stay wid ur Positiveness 

Faiza Meer

a wonderful team

Nothing would have concluded our trip better thn our activity with EMAC!!! We 4 friends from Karachi went to up North and ended up at Khan pur lake. Thumbs up to EMAC for an amazing caving and repelling experience!!! They have a wonderful team!!! thanks Muhammad Rashid !!! With EMAC you for sure say - Your worst fear brings out the best in you -

Yasir Bilal Mapara

So we survived

...a mind opening and exhilarating experience for the students.

So we survived four days in the semi wilderness with 30 high school students. A big shout out to Emac Pakistan and Aliya Umar Farrukh for organizing a mind opening and exhilarating experience for the students... am looking forward to more caving in the future 🙂

Caitlin Malik
Scarsdale International School, Lahore


love the pictures and it was fascinating to see these kids doing all sorts of team building activities. Now thats what I call a field trip!

B. Owais

Amazing experience

an excellent execution by professionals, amazing experience...made my day worth living, will come back soon for more adventure 🙂



unbelievable...awesome day, full of adventure, excitement, surprises, and fun...very well leaded by EMAC professionals...spot on timings, resources, and command on all fronts.. hats off 🙂


Thanks to Mr.Rasheed,

Mr, Raja Adil ( supporting instructor) & special thanks to saeed bhai for some great flights and arrangements

Ayaz Sadiq
Ayaz Sadiq

Amazing experience with fun learning!

Amazing experience with fun learning! EMAC good job in bringing up this adventure in Karachi.

Mubashir Khamisa

No Match

No Match of E.M.A.C in Pakistan

Zeeshan Saleem Butt

Thank you EMAC

Thank you EMAC for such an awesum experience. Looking forward to join you guys once again.

Musa Munaf

adventurous fun

had an amazing experience of paragliding ,cliff diving ........ would like to thank rashid bhai specially for inciting this adventurous fun. i would love to do it definitely for umpteenth time  highly appreciated.

Søhãîß Sâk

You did a wonderful job

... Loved the session today! Looking forward to the Ramazan nighter too!

Adeel Omer Malik

an excellent instructor

Thank you so much Rashid. Had a great time Paragliding. You are an excellent instructor

Malika Zafar

3d adventure

After getting fresh now m typing again the time i spent with E.M.A.C and Mr. Rashid the instructor. Thanks. I had a wonderful time in paragliding, solo flights went really well. Jetski was exciting too. Looking forward to get together again with E.M.A.C but this time with large family group. 3d adventure.....!!!!

Khurram Khan

My EMAC adventure

...was to die for. We went Paragliding, Caving, and Jet Skiing. It is one experience in my life that I will never ever forget. EMAC is very adventures and if you go there it will be the best day of your life. The guide is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, and he will help you with every step of the way (especially paragliding). It was very fun, and exciting. Thank You EMAC for introducing such an amazing time to me.

Salsabil Rekhif

wonderful paragliding experience

Thank you emac for a wonderful paragliding experience!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!

Nifa Jafri

It was fantastic

It was fantastic n wonderful experience...thanks EMAC guys

Shahzad Noor

Enjoyed paragliding

Enjoyed paragliding a lot, thanks team E.M.A.C

Haris Shakoor

Wonderful Experience

talal Thanks EMAC for the Wonderful Experiences - Specially Owe it to Saeed Alam, EMAC PG Instructor Ajab Khan AND Muhammad Rashid.

.Muhammad Talal
Karachi Gliding Club

learn how to fly

Dear E.M.A.C team,
Thank you sooooOooooooo much for a life changing experience. Special thx to Ajab Khan for keeping his cools on & for his amazing instructions ..... YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

& very important note for Khi Citizens: U GUYS HAVE TO TRY THIS OUT!!
leave your fears at home ... and learn how to fly like an eagle!!!!

Khumar Raza

Fear of heights is all gone

Woke up today at 5:00 Am!. took a hot water shower, Prayed to ALLAH!. Picked up my Stuff (Snacks) and drove all the way to Mubarak Village with Fawwad Nisar, Rana Khubaib, Irfan Muhammad, Umair Hussain Khan, Zahid IQabl to meet up E.M.A.C team for Paragliding!..
And Guys it was awesome!.. Fear of Heights is all gone!..

Saad Nisar Khateeb

full of adventure

an awesome full of adventure 48 hour of my life all thanks to e.m.a.c, for me it was first time for such activities but coz of these people am gonna remember it for ever .experienced cliff diving from 50+ feet ,went 300 feet deep in dry cave and rap jump .all these thing were simply awesome and u explain able experience

Syed Mohsin Raza

Awesome adventure

.. we had with EMAC.... things we had only dreamed of came true right in front of our eyes... the 2 days were no doubt the most fulfilling days of our lives yet... thanks to EMAC and all the dear friends that accompanied us on this trip which was just a fantasy for us before we actually met Rashid in Islamabad... hats off to Rashid for taking us on a ride of our life times...

Omer Khokar


Did 2 solo PARAGLIDING flights near Hub thanks to E.M.A.C, AWESOMENESS redefined
December 30, 2012, Karachi,

Syed Daniyal Ahmed

are very cooperative and professionals

Yesterday was a beautiful and adventurous day of my life. Paragliding and cliff diving are known as courageous activities. I am happy that I did my both activities with EMAC. The team and instructors are very cooperative and professionals. Their guidance and my passion made my adventure as the Great Adventure. I am willing to have more activities with them in future and suggest all adventurous people that if you want to taste a real adventure than EMAC is your destination.


are best in what they do

There has always been an urge to do smthing thrilling n adventurous this is exactly wat EMAC is providing to the people of pakistan ... They have come up wth all th activites that are worth ur time ... It was fun doing these activities through EMAC ... There management is well organized n above all there equipmemt is in very good conditions ... They are best in wat they do

Mohammad Sheikh

Hina Mohammad

we had an awesome weekend...thanxx to emac for making our trip adventurous n thrilling....

Hina Mohammad

Mehboob Ul Haq Sidiqui


Mehboob Ul Haq Sidiqui

Murtaza Ali

Thanks Rasheed Bhai and Ajab Khan for wonderful paragliding experience @ khanpur dam.. flying in the air is entirely a new world..

Murtaza Ali

Owais Ahtisham

What a amazing experience and adventure with u guys today. thanks alot for introducing this fun in Karachi

Owais Ahtisham

Mansoor Ahmed

Thanks to E.M.A.C and their professional instructors for a great adventure today. Hope to see you guys soon.

Zeeshan Malik

Thanks EMAC and Rashid for a very thrilling experience. For all those who want some adrenaline-pumping action, EMAC is the place and Rashid is the man who will make sure you have an adventure of a lifetime

Zeeshan Malik

DurreNayab Masood

Thank you EMAC for an extremely amazing and secure, first time ever, experience of heli-rappelling/rap jumping! You are doing a tremendous job in providing opportunities for the adventure-seekers of Pakistan. Two Thumbs Up!

DurreNayab Masood